NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: Chinese Director Somei Sun Premieres A 3DCG Tribute To The Hit Anime

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: Chinese Director Somei Sun Premieres A 3DCG Tribute To The Hit Anime

The iconic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion has a brand new tribute video coming from Chinese director Somei Sun. Hit the jump to check out what a live-action Evangelion film could look like!

In 1995, Hideaki Anno launched what would be one of the most iconic series in anime with Neon Genesis Evangelion. The series was a cerebral masterpiece for its time, spawning multiple film sequels, manga, light novels, and collectibles. 

The franchise has also branched out into various other mediums that include theme park 4D experiences and multiple crossovers in various Japanese mecha fighting games. The world of Evangelion, while occasionally confusing, is something that has resonated with viewers for over 20 years and has inspired countless franchises. 

Praise for a series can come even in the most random of places, and Chinese director Somie Sun has decided that it was time he left his mark on the franchise. In a new 3DCG film, titled Evangelion: It Can (Not) Be True, features a fantastic computer-generated world that gives fans an idea of what a live-action adaption of the series would look like. 

The video was initially intended for the limited-edition OPPO Ace2 EVA phone but was later released fully on the Bilibili streaming service. In making the film, Sun stated, "Evangelion is an anime that was crazy and obsessed in my childhood. This year its final theater version will be released soon. I also hope to use my way to commemorate this animation throughout my growing period. Every eva movie has a subtitle. I also chose a name for my work [√], pronounced: 'true'. The meaning is realistic. Because the core purpose of this creation is to try to make the EVA world real. On the other hand, you can also see some real-world images added to the dream section of the film."

Somie Sun's love of the franchise shines in the film, and the desire to send a message is still present, as the director states that in a world where we have to cover our masks, "...we still connect with each other through eyes and give each other strength. So we captured some warm images during this outbreak." 

With the film streaming, maybe this will open doors to some type of new Evangelion project that fans can love as much as the original. Make sure to check out the short, and don't forget to share your thoughts in the usual spot! 

EVANGELION 超•現實 from SOMEI 晟 on Vimeo.
Evangelion: It Can (Not) Be True, is streaming now!
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