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Check Out The Top 5 Anime In the United States Today!
Looking for something new to watch, or maybe re-watch? We have compiled a list of the top 5 hottest anime in the United States today!
7 Of The Top Anime Series That Are Set To Release In 2023
The following is a list that I have compiled of the top seven most anticipated anime series that will begin airing this year (2023) including their release dates!
Who Are STUDIO GHIBLI'S Original Founders? Let's Take A Look At The Past.
Who are Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and Toshio Suzuki? Let's take a brief look at the origins of Studio Ghibli, as well as their individual careers and the company's history.
Is Itachi Uchiha A Good Guy Or A Bad Guy In NARUTO?
Itachi Uchiha can be a "good guy" or a "bad guy" depending on your perspective. He was first portrayed as a traitor who murdered his clan, including his parents and abandoned his younger brother Sasuke.
FULL METAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD & SOUL EATER Video Interview With Voice Actor Barry Mandell - Exclusive
We've been releasing a series of video interviews of voice talents well-known in the anime world from our tour at Ohayocon 2022 and today we're sharing our talk with Soul Eater voice actor Barry Yandell!
MY HERO ACADEMIA & SOUL EATER Exclusive Video Interview With All For One & Lord Death Voice Actor John Swasey
Voice acting legend John Swasey is best known for voicing a number of roles including All For One in My Hero Academia and we were able to catch up with him at Ohayocon to get an exclusive video interview!
DRAGON BALL & YUYU HAKUSHO Exclusive Video Interview With Chi-Chi & Boton Voice Actress Cynthia Cranz
We were at Ohayocon 2022 and able to speak in person with a number of voice talents. In our first installment you can see our chat with Dragon Ball's Chi-Chi and YuYu Hakusho's Boton voice Cynthia Cranz!
BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS Exclusive Video Interview With Jessica Henwick, Stephen Root, & Will Yun Lee
The brand new anime Blade Runner: Black Lotus premieres on Adult Swim this weekend and to promote the series we joined a press junket to speak with stars Jessica Henwick, Stephen Root, and Will Yun Lee!
EXCLUSIVE! MY HERO ACADEMIA: WORLD HEROES' MISSION Interview: Ryan Stegman On His Return To The Franchise
Comic book artist Ryan Stegman (Venom) talks to us about returning to the My Hero Academia franchise to create a bespoke piece of artwork for World Heroes' Mission, his artistic process, and much more!
MY HERO ACADEMIA  Exclusive Video Interview: Rody & Flect Turn Voice Actors Ryan Colt Levy & Robbie Daymond
Tomorrow theaters begin featuring My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission and to celebrate we spoke exclusively with the voice actors behind Rody Soul and Flect Turn - Ryan Colt Levy and Robbie Daymond!

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