Saiyuki aiyuki Reload Blast: The Legend of the Western Journey into Danger is the sequel to Minekura's Saiyuki and Saiyuki Reload manga series. Loosely based on the Chinese myth Journey to the West, Saiyuki was first published in 1997 with Reload launching in 2002 and Reload Blast premiering in 2009. There's also a prequel manga series, Saiyuki Gaiden, which was published in 1999 and a spinoff series, Saiyuki Ibis, which was first published in 2009.

Previously, Tokyo Kids produced an OVA of the first manga series which aired in 1999. Studio Pierrot and Dentsu teamed for a full anime series in 2000. Saiyuki Reload recieved two anime adaptations, both from Studio Pierrot, in 2003 and 2004 respectively. There are currently no details on the new anime series.
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