BATMAN NINJA Anime's Awesome First Trailer Has Hit

BATMAN NINJA Anime's Awesome First Trailer Has Hit

BATMAN NINJA Anime's Awesome First Trailer Has Hit

Batman has never been in a movie or situation like this! The theatrical trailer for Batman Ninja has hit and it follows Bruce Wayne as he travels back to feudal Japan!

The first trailer for Batman Ninja has landed online! In it we see Batman battling the Joker. Nothing new, right? Things take a turn when Batman is somehow transported back to Feudal Japan. As if that's not bad enough, the Joker and Harley Quinn show up as well! Luckily Batman finds a few familiar friends to lend a hand. Checkout the trailer below!

We see several characters from the Batman universe in the trailer including Nightwing, Penguin, Robin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman Two-Face and even Gorrila Grod who seems to be some type of ruler in this war torn Japan. To say the artwork and animation is awesome doesn't quite do it justice.

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The film is a highly anticipated one with fans. The project was officially announced during this year's New York Comic Con via a with Junpei Mizusaki, Takashi Okazashi, and Kazuki Nakashima. During the panel the crew discussed the project, and it was apparent to all in attendance that they were excited about the idea, but they were tight-lipped about the details. They revealed that they were life long Batmna fans when Warner Brothers approached Okazaki and Mizusaki about the project.

“There’s a fight scene in this that might be the best fight scene I’ve seen in animation anywhere,” Miereanu said the continued on to say, “When we want to make it look real, we actually do it in real life.” Adding that performers acted out the fight in live-action, with the recorded choreography used by the animators as a reference point. “We want it to be true to life,” he said. Everything, from the way blades are gripped to the swift and brutal blows, had a real life counterpart.

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Warner Bros. is set to release the film next year and will include both the subtitled original Japanese version and an English dubbed version when it lands on Blu-ray. Chu and Garcia said translating the film into another language wasn't easy:

“It was extremely difficult,” Chu said. “But we have a long history of working with Japanese animation, with anime. But Warner Bros. very much left the filmmakers alone in making this movie, so what you’re going to see is something that’s authentically anime. And when they came to us, we made it authentically Batman.”

What did you think about the trailer? Are you excited for Batman Ninja? How do you think this new anime will go over with Western audiences?

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