FIRE FORCE: New Trailer Revealed For The Anime's Second Season

FIRE FORCE: New Trailer Revealed For The Anime's Second Season

Fire Force is back and coming in hot! Hit the jump to check out the new footage in the trailer for the upcoming second season, and more!

When Soul Eater creator, Atsushi Ohkubo released his new manga series, Fire Force, in the pages of Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine, no one could has suspected that the series would be considered one of the new hit series that ushered in a new era of manga and anime. Fire Force, grouped with shows like Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia and Black Clover, showed that new and exciting shonen still existed in the medium and moreso, had staying power. Fire Force follows a team of spiritual firefighters who combat demons who emerge through innocents by spontaneous human combustion. With the help of the new and incredibly powerful Shinra, the fire force uncovers new dangers and saves countless lives, in the process. 

The manga, as of now, is approaching its final stage and has been revelaed to potentially be Ohkubo's final series. The manga was such a success that after the series' debut, in 2015, an anime was greenlit not long after. The series premiered in 2019 and was a smash hit before its season conclusion, toward the end of the year. For a while many were not sure when a second season would be coming, however, all of that has changed after a massive reveal. 

Recently, an announcement came from the series' official website, that season 2 is definitely coming and has given a slew of reveals. To begin, the director of the 12th episode of season 1, Tatsumi Minakawa, will be replacing previous director, Yuki Yase. Most of the original staff is also expected to return, with a few new faces. Voice actress Miyuri Shimabukuro will be joining as new character Kasugatani Inka; and in the most exciting news, a brand new trailer has been revealed, showing off the new theme song SPARK-AGAIN by Aimer. Make sure to check out hte new English subbed trailer that premiered on both Funimation and Crunchyroll, below! 


Excited for the new season? Planning on catching up on the previous one? Make sure to share your thoughts in the usual spot! Fire Force season 2 is set to premiere this July! 

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