Is Itachi Uchiha A "Good Guy" Or A "Bad Guy" In NARUTO?

Itachi Uchiha can be a "good guy" or a "bad guy" depending on your perspective. He was first portrayed as a traitor who murdered his clan, including his parents and abandoned his younger brother Sasuke.

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Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto.  He is a ninja from the highly skilled Uchiha clan, which is associated with Konohagakure, also known as the Leaf Village. Sasuke Uchiha's older brother Itachi is initially portrayed as an adversary who massacres his entire clan while sparing only Sasuke. Itachi's acts, however, were actually a part of a broader scheme to defend both his brother and the community, as is revealed later in the narrative. He is also a very adept ninja renowned for his proficiency with the Sharingan and the Mangekyo Sharingan, two potent visual Jutsu that enable him to mimic and enhance the methods of other ninjas.

Itachi Uchiha can be seen either as a "good guy" or a "bad guy," depending on the perspective from which one examines the character. In the beginning, he was portrayed as a traitor who was responsible for the death of his whole clan, including both of his parents and then abandoned his younger brother Sasuke to fend for himself.

During the story, Itachi Uchiha joins the criminal group Akatsuki. He was recruited to this organization along with Kisame Hoshigaki, another member, who serves as Itachi's partner throughout their mission to catch the tailed beasts.

Kisame is a strong and talented ninja who is renowned for using the Samehada, a sentient blade that absorbs chakra. He is also known for his unique appearance, which features shark-like fangs and blue skin. The two became good friends, with Itachi serving as a strong mentor and leader to Kisame and Kisame respecting Itachi's talent and loyalty.

But as the story progresses, it becomes clear that Itachi's acts were all a part of a broader scheme to save Konohagakure (the Leaf Village) from a coup d'état by members of the Uchiha clan. Even though doing so would have meant sacrificing his family and reputation, Itachi loved his village and wanted to keep it safe from being destroyed by his tribe. Sasuke was also spared by Itachi, who thought that Sasuke's hatred for him would make him stronger and eventually lead to him killing Itachi.

Itachi was driven by a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility, and he was willing to make difficult choices in order to serve the greater good. Even if his actions were terrible and presented difficult moral questions, one could argue that they were those of a "good guy."

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