MONSTER STRIKE Manga Is Ending On November 30th Unfortunately

MONSTER STRIKE Manga Is Ending On November 30th Unfortunately

The end of Monster Strike is coming, and certainly, fans are not happy about it. The final arc is called End of the World, and the beginning of the end is on November 30th.

Monster Strike is ending very soon, well, November 30 is the beginning of this end to be exact, and that is not very far away. For those who might be wondering, we are at the final arc, and it's called Monster Strike: End of the World.

From what we have gathered, the arc will see the likes of Lucifer, Solomon, Arthur, Noah, and Pandora, coming together in a bid to defeat Yesod, who is viewed as the most powerful Decemviri. If they fail to defeat Yesod, then they will always fail to save the world, and that’s not going to happen.

We have to say, Monster strike doesn’t come off as very popular in North America, but it’s a huge hit in Japan. The first season came out back in 2015, and has so far gone on to birth several more seasons, and rightfully so.

Not only that, a Monster Strike move came out in 2016, while a second film was released in 2018. The first movie is currently available on Crunchyroll, for anyone who is interested in giving it a shot. To be honest, it's not half bad, so check it out.

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