DRAGON BALL Z Goes Viral After Artist Recreates The Infamous "Yamcha Pose"

DRAGON BALL Z Goes Viral After Artist Recreates The Infamous "Yamcha Pose"

Dragon Ball Z went viral today on Twitter, as some pictures that recreated the infamous "Yamcha pose" were posted on the popular social media website.

Some pictures posted online yesterday had Dragon Ball Z trending on Twitter, as the images showed a giant statue that paid homage to the infamous "Yamcha pose" from the Saiyan arc during the earlier episodes of Akira Toriyama's popular anime. 

While the legitimacy of the pictures is yet to be confirmed — considering that the pictures were only posted by the one Twitter account — it still had people talking about it online.

Yamcha was killed during the Saiyan saga by a Saibaiman during the episode called "Yamcha Dies! The Terror of the Saibaiman", in which Yamcha — as the name's episode very appropriately suggests — meets his demise; thus falling to the ground and becoming almost a cultural icon.

The "Yamcha pose" has, in fact, been homaged by several other anime shows, and even in Dragon Ball Super's episode "A Challenge from Champa! This Time, A Baseball Game!", the studio blatantly recreated the pose during the baseball match; with Goku being the only one who thought it looked familiar.

Whether the pictures are real or some kind of clever montage done on photoshop, it is still interesting to see that such an iconic moment from Dragon Ball Z is still being fondly remembered by fans after all these years.

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