The Voice of GOKU Speaks Her Thoughts On DRAGONBALL SUPER And The Future Of The Universe

The Voice of GOKU Speaks Her Thoughts On DRAGONBALL SUPER And The Future Of The Universe

The voice that helped the DragonBall universe grow, Masako Nozawa, shares her thoughts on the ending of Dragon Ball Super and what she thinks Goku will be up to in the future!

In the world of voice acting, Masako Nozawa is to Japan what Kevin Conroy is to us in America.

Her voice helped shepherd the DragonBall universe into the hearts and minds of thousands of people for over three decades. As the voice of the world's strongest fighter, Goku, she showed that no matter what, if you have friends and the drive to grow even stronger than before, you can accomplish anything. 

Recently the 81- year- old actress had an interview with Kotaku where she answered some very fun questions in regards to the series and her role in it.When asked about the show and her hopes for the franchise in the future she had this to say:  "We finished recording the last Dragon Ball Super and… even now I'm filled with emotion. For now, the TV anime is taking a short break, and there's also a movie coming this December. My hope is that the TV [series] begins again while those memories still linger."

It is really an exciting thing to see someone still have so much passion for a project and wish to see its success for the forseeable future. You can genuinely see the love put into it. When asked what Goku may be up to and if there would ever be an end to DragonBall, Nozawa stated that she believes Goku will continue his training and that DragonBall universe will never end. Considering we are already getting a new movie not months after Super finished up I think it is safe to say DragonBall is here to stay!

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