COWBOY BEBOP: Netflix Series Writer Reveals Some Details On The Upcoming Series

The upcoming Netflix, live-action, series of Cowboy Bebop is on its way, and a brand new interview with the series writer reveals some ideas of what to expect. Hit the jump for more info!

The recently announced live-action adaption of the hit anime series, Cowboy Bebop, has left fans in a divisive state. One side excited to see a new iteration of the series and another party that does not feel the series should be touched beyond the original anime. With individual casting choices made and announcements not made on top of a delay due to an injury that series lead, John Cho, had while bringing Spike Spiegel to life AND the COVID-19 pandemic; many fans feel like this series may be dead on arrival. The series, which released back in 1998, has built an incredibly loyal fanbase that has made the series one of the most influential anime ever to be produced. 

While people may not be on board with this new series, it can't go without saying that the creators of the series want nothing more than to give a sincere and tonally faithful rendition of the series. Multiple cast interviews with people like John Cho and series producer Jeff Pinkner show that the crew wants nothing more than to give the justice where it is due and also manage to put their mark on the beloved series. They are not here to smudge the legacy, but to add to it. 

Recently, an interview with writer Javier Grillo-Marxauch over at i09 have revealed even more tidbits. In the interview, Grillo-Marxauch assured fans that Ein will be a corgi and that the style will be the same, stating, "If you're doing Coybow Bebop, you're doing Cowboy Bebop." He also mentioned briefly how the show would be toning down Faye's suit and not glamorizing the smoking seen in the original series. Grillo-Marxauch has also seen a first cut of the first episode (which he had nothing but amazing things to say about it). He believes that the series will release the first season as a whole, as it is meant to be watched together, especially since the season will have hour-long episodes instead of just over 20. One of the most exciting aspects of is interview is how he has already written two of the series' villains, but one of them is one of the many standouts. Who could it be? As of now, it looks like fans will have to wait till release to see just how great this show is shaping up to be. 

Are you excited for the new series? Will this new series be worth the watch? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Cowboy Bebop will be launching on Netflix soon! 

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