BLEACH Manga Sequel Is Coming To The West In Summer 2020

BLEACH Manga Sequel Is Coming To The West In Summer 2020

Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World, is coming to the West in the summer of 2020, and fans are excited, no doubt about that. This sequel should answer many questions, so prepare for that.

Bleach fans were not happy when the anime ended prematurely, and up to this day, many are hoping it will eventually return in the future. For those who are still holding tight for a return, and lives outside of Japan, well, how to prepare yourselves for the manga sequel.

This sequel was originally released in Japan many moons ago, but it is now being released in the west. As expected, it's in English, so fans should make every effort to gobble it up as soon as possible in a bid to keep up with everything they have missed.

At the New York Comic Con 2019 panel, the folks at Viz Media made the announcement that it plans to release the Bleach manga sequel in the United States come summer 2020. The series is called Can't Fear Your Own World, and it follows what happened after the Thousand Year Blood War.

The series was written by Ryohogo Narita, rather than original creator, Tite Kubo, and it ran for three volumes back in 2016, so not exactly many moons ago as stated above.

Here’s the official description by Viz Media:

"The bestselling paranormal action adventure manga series BLEACH continues in novel form as an all-new threat arises! The Quincies' Thousand Year Blood War is over, but the embers of turmoil still smolder in the Soul Society. Tokinada Tsunayashiro, elevated to head of his clan after a slew of assassinations take out every other claimant to the title, has a grand plan to create a new Soul King. His dark ambitions soon sow the seeds of a new total war across the realms, but all is not lost. There is one unlikely Soul Reaper who holds the key to defusing the conflict—Shuhei Hisagi, Assistant Captain of the Ninth Company and reporter for the Seireitei Bulletin!"

Let’s hope its as good as some claim because fans are looking forward to another masterpiece.

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