Subtitled Version Of BURN THE WITCH's Second Trailer Released; Crunchyroll Reveals New Premiere Details

A few days ago, a new Burn the Witch trailer was released and we now have an English subtitled version thanks to Crunchyroll, who have also revealed the time the first episode becomes available.

A second Burn the Witch preview was released on Monday and we now have a subtitled version thanks to the fine folks at Crunchyroll. In addition, the anime streamer has revealed that the October 1 at 5PM PST/8PM EST. Crunchyroll will be breaking the movie down into three episodes.

We previously confirmed that Tite Kubo's miniseries would be going the seasonal route with a second season set to grace the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump at an unknown date.  It's speculated that Kubo might release a new Burn the With volume once a year.  Towards the end of Bleach, Kubo stated the physical toll of producing a manga chapter week-after-week started to wear his body down.  Going the seasonal route would allow him to take his time and work at his own pace.

Burn the Witch's serialization and anime film was set to be announced at AnimeJapan back in March but the convention was canceled due to COVID-19.  Instead, a special Bleach online event was held to reveal the details along with the return of the Bleach anime.  Recently, the manga released its 4th chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump, with the first volume collecting those chapters set for release on Oct. 2.

Burn the With was first published as a one-shot in in the July 16th, 2018 edition of Shonen Jump,where its final pages surprised readers by revealing it was a continuation of sorts of Kubo's longrunning shonen series, Bleach- which had ended back in August 22nd, 2016 at 686 chapters. 

Historically 72% of all the deaths in London are related to dragons, fantastical beings invisible to the majority of the people.

While unknown to most, some people have been standing up to these dragons.

Only inhabitants of Reverse London who live in the hidden “reverse” side of London can see the dragons. Even then, only a selected few become qualified enough as witches or wizards to make direct contact with them.

The protagonists of the story are witch duo Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole. They are protection agents for Wing Bind (WB), an organization for dragon conservation and management. Their mission is to protect and manage the dragons within London on behalf of the people.

BURN THE WITCH Manga From Tite Kubo To Continue With Season 2

BURN THE WITCH Manga From Tite Kubo To Continue With Season 2

Tite Kubo's BURN THE WITCH Anime Heads To Crunchyroll On October 2nd
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Tite Kubo's BURN THE WITCH Anime Heads To Crunchyroll On October 2nd

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BURN THE WITCH Manga From Tite Kubo To Continue With Season 2
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