DELICIOUS IN DUNGEON Season 2 Announced With New Trailer

DELICIOUS IN DUNGEON Season 2 Announced With New Trailer

Following the debut of the 24th and final episode of Delicious in Dungeon's first season, the official accounts for the anime confirmed that Season 2 has been greenlit.

By MattIsForReal - Jun 13, 2024 06:06 PM EST
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Delicious in Dungeon is getting a second season. Following the broadcast of the first season's final episode in Japan, it was announced that Season 2 of the hit anime series has been greenlit.

No release date was revealed, but the announcement was accompanied by the release of a new trailer and visual art.

The Delicious in Dungeon anime is an adaptation of the Japanese manga written and illustrated by Ryōko Kui and serialized in Enterbrain's seinen manga magazine Harta from February 2014 to September 2023. Yen Press licensed the series in North America.

The anime series adaptation, produced by Trigger, premiered on January 4, 2024, with Netflix simuldubbing and streaming the series worldwide weekly. The first season ran for two consecutive cours, concluding this evening in Japan with the release of its 24th and final episode.

Inspired by fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Neverending Story, as well as games like Baldur's Gate 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Delicious in Dungeon follows a group of adventurers and young fighters who, upon losing one of their friends to a Red Dragon, attempt to rescue her before she is fully digested. Low on supplies, they decide the fastest way to save their pal is to descend into the subterranean lands and eat anything they meet along the way.

"Over the course of this fantasy-comedy series, the group ventures into the unknown worlds in the depths of the dungeons, encountering all sorts of traps, as well as potential foes, allies, and other strange characters (gnome researchers, giant frogs, and the undead among them)," Netflix writes of the series. "Each weekly episode serves up its own bizarre menu, so stay tuned for everything from Exorcist Sorbet to Mandrake Omelettes (maybe with a little Treasure Bug or Slime seasoning), as our heroes fight off a host of beastly creatures — and their own fearsome appetites."

The series synopsis reads:

In the depths of the dungeon, the younger sister of adventurer Laios was eaten by a Red Dragon ― and he barely made it back to the surface with his life. Laios attempts to venture into the dungeon again, but his money and rations are still in the dungeon's lower depths. Knowing that his sister may be digested at any moment, Laios decides: “I'll get my food from the dungeon itself!” That means eating slimes, basilisks, mimics and even dragons! Go forth, adventurer ― traverse the dungeon and eat whatever stands in your way!

Season 1 of Delicious in Dungeon has been met with critical acclaim, sitting at a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has an equally impressive Audience Score of 90%. It won Best Adventure and Best Comedy at the Anime Corner Awards of Winter 2024.

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