Eminem Samples A TOKYO GHOUL Theme On His Latest Album

Eminem Samples A TOKYO GHOUL Theme On His Latest Album

Famous hip-hop rap artist, Eminem, has produced a Tokyo Ghoul song in his latest album, Kamikaze. Illadaproducer has confirmed via Twitter that the song is Glassy Sky.

Through social networks, one of the producers of Eminem's new album has confirmed that the song "Good Guy" uses as a base the song "Glassy Sky", belonging to the soundtrack of Tokyo Ghoul √A. In this way, the producer puts an end to all the speculations that have arisen since the last album of the popular rapper came to light.

The controversy arose because this same producer, called Illadaproducer, confessed in an interview for the Rolling Stone magazine that the song "Good Guy" had used as a basis the well-known theme "Simple and Clean" by Hikaru Utada for the video game Kingdom Hearts.

However, through social networks, many noted that there was no resemblance between the two songs and the more savvy found that, in fact, it was "Glassy Sky", Tokyo Ghoul √A's theme and played by AmaLee.

Finally, Illadaproducer has taken its error through its Twitter account. The producer has confessed that he confused both songs, since "Simple and Clean" has used it as a basis for another song, although he did not specify if it was for the same Eminem album or for another artist's album.

This is not the first time that manga or anime crosses borders and is mentioned or referenced by artists of international stature. Many of them have confessed to being followers of some series or films, as is the case of the also rapper Kanye West. But he's not the only one. Madonna, for example, confessed to be a fan of Death Note and inspired her video clip "Jump", where she is characterized as the character of Mello.
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