Typhoon Hagibis Delays MY HERO ACADEMIA'S Season 4 Premiere

Typhoon Hagibis Delays MY HERO ACADEMIA'S Season 4 Premiere

According to My Hero Academia's Official twitter account, the first episode of the upcoming fourth season did not air in some Japanese regions due to safety concerns caused by the storm.

My Hero Academia's fourth season premiere was originally set to air today at 5:30 p.m. JST on NTV. Unfortunately, due to the havoc caused by the arrival of Typhoon Hagibis, the show did not air in some regions.

Kohei Horekoshi, My Hero Academia's Manga creator, stated the following on twitter: "I'm sorry to everyone where the broadcast was cancelled! Safety is the most important!"  

The record-breaking typhoon also delayed the broadcast of Detective Conan's latest episode. After receiving a special level 5 warning, great efforts are being made to mitigate the devastating effects of the storm.

Funimation is now streaming the dubbed and subbed first episode. 

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