POKEMON JOURNEYS: Newest Anime In The Series Announces Voice Actress For Sonia

POKEMON JOURNEYS: Newest Anime In The Series Announces Voice Actress For Sonia

The Pokemon Journeys anime has added a character to the series, that comes from the newest games! With Sonia on her way, a brand new voice actress has also been revealed; hit the jump to find out more!

Last year, Nintendo launched its latest installment in the legendary Pokemon game series, Pokemon Sword & Shield. The game released on the Switch in 2019 and was an instant success, introducing the player to Pokemon, both new and old and exciting and unique trainers, and researchers. 

With the release of the newest games, came the next series in the animated adventures of Ash and Pikachu. Pokemon Journeys saw the young trainer exploring the wilds of the Galar region with his new friend, Goh. The anime has recently returned from a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As new episodes begin to release again, new characters are bound to make their way to the series. One such new character that is coming is the young researcher, named Sonia. She finds herself in the company of Ash and Goh while trying to research a legendary artifact that is somewhere in the region. 

The last time fans saw Sonia in the animated form was in the net anime, Pokemon: Twilight Wings, which released earlier this year. The new series, however, will feature veteran voice actress Marina Inoue (Fire Emblem Heroes). 

With the new character coming to the series, there will definitely be more surprises left for the hit anime. Make sure to share your thoughts on the announcement in the comments! 

This new series focuses on the two protagonists Ash Ketchum and Goh, along with their partners Pikachu and Raboot. It also features a young girl named Chloe, who has a Yamper, and her father, Professor Cerise, who runs a laboratory in Vermilion City.

Pokemon Journeys is airing new episodes now!
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