YU-GI-OH! GO RUSH!! Anime Announces 2 New Characters
The anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! announced that they will be adding 2 new characters to their series' line up this April, along with a new band being added to play the shows theme song!
YU-GI-OH! SEVENS: New Spin-Off Manga Based On Rook Has Been Confirmed
A brand new spin-off manga is coming to shelves and is based on one of the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens! Hit the jump to learn more about Rook's new series!
YU-GI-OH! SEVENS: A Brand New Comedy Spin-Off Manga Has Been Announced
Based on the most recent series in the franchise, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens has announced a brand new comedy manga spin-off. Hit the jump to find out when to expect the official release!
YU-GI-OH! SEVENS: Return Date Confirmed Following The Hiatus Brought On By The COVID-19 Pandemic
Following a long break due to the COVID-19 delay, the latest addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens, has announced a summer return! Hit the jump to find out when to catch new episodes!
YU-GI-OH! DUEL MONSTERS: Classic Anime Series Is Coming To Netflix This July
The classic anime, based on the card game of the same name, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, is coming to Netflix this summer! Hit the jump to find out when to expect the show to release!
YU-GI-OH SEVENS Anime Series Production Has Been Suspended
Another anime from out of Japan has been halted due to the Novel Coronavirus. The anime in question is Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens, and we are certain it will not be the last.
YU-GI-OH! LEGACY OF THE DUELIST: LINK EVOLUTION Video Game Is Coming To New Consoles Next Year
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist is coming to the PS4, PC, and Xbox One next year after its earlier release on the Nintendo Switch in April of this year.
YU-GI-OH!: VRAINS Anime Series Set To End This Month
Anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS is set to end after 120 episodes, this fall. Hit the jump for more info on the conclusion of the series.
New YU-GI-OH Anime Scheduled For Release At Some Point In 2020
The current Yu-Gi-Oh is still being aired, but for those who are wondering if a new one is around the corner, well, you're in luck because 2020 is the timeline at the moment.
Creator Of The Popular YU-GI-OH! Franchise Wants Japanese Fans To Vote
Yu-Gi-Oh! creator is hoping his fanbase take it upon themselves to vote in the upcoming Japanese elections. Clearly he is not happy about something, and as such, he need the aid of his base.

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