SHIKIZAKURA: A Brand New Video Shows Of The Show's Opening Song

SHIKIZAKURA: A Brand New Video Shows Of The Show's Opening Song

Brand new, original, anime Shikizakura has released an awesome new video showing off unseen footage and the show's opening song. Hit the jump to see the brand new video!

Shikizakura is the latest series from Sublimation is set to release sometime next year in Japan and tells a story about fighting off evil Oni with a team of people donned in power suits reminiscent of Super Sentai. This new show is an original idea that blends various influences to create an experience that feels truly special and unique.

Described as a near-future science-fiction drama, the series tells the story of a young boy who finds himself apart of a group that uses special suits and abilities to fight off creatures called Oni. Shikizakura has announced that there will be 12 30-minute episodes in total.

An interesting fact about the new show, everybody that is apart of the original show, has been working out of the Tōkai region, which is the same are the show is set in! There will also be a mixture of hand-drawn and CG animation.

A recent video has revealed some new footage for the series along with a preview of the show's opening song "BELIEVE MYSELF" by Akasa. Don't forget to check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments!


Shikizakura: where cherry blossoms are in full bloom while trees are colored with autumn leaves. In this special place, where the transient world meets the spirit world, a ritual to save humanity is about to begin…

High school student Kakeru Miwa, by a strange turn of events, winds up being an irregular member of a power suit team tasked with battling Oni. These Oni possess humans and try to cling to the transient world. Only the power suit, Yoroi, which combines ancient secrets with the latest technology, can protect people from Oni. Kakeru decides to become a hero who will battle Oni and protect Ouka Myoujin, the shrine maiden fated with saving the world.

Shikizakura season. Ouka dances as a shrine maiden in autumn leaves and cherry blossoms. Heroic action—where the past and the future, the transient world and the spirit world, thoughts and wishes, all intersect—begins here!

Shikizakura will premiere in Japan in 2021!
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