GIVEN Anime Film Narrows Release Window To Spring 2020

GIVEN Anime Film Narrows Release Window To Spring 2020

The final episode of the Given (Givun) TV anime adaptation in September announced that an anime film would be released in 2020 and a newly released key visual has fresh intel.

A short teaser for the Given sequel anime film was uploaded to the official manga's website, which contained the announcement for an anime film. The new key visual is a color version of the announcement still.

Given and Yuri on Ice represent a changing acceptance of Yaoi/boys-love (BL), which is usually depicted in a more subverted manner or reserved for fan-made doujinshi.


Natsuki Kizu began publishing Given in April 2013 in the pages of the bimonthly manga magazine Cheri+. To date, 5 collected volumes have been released. While the anime centered on the relationship between highschoolers Ritsuka and Mafuyu, the anime will focus on the adult members of the band, Haruki, Akihiko, and Ugetsu.

Somehow, the guitar that he used to love to play and the basketball games that he found so fun just lost their appeal... That was until Ritsuka Uenoyama randomly met Mafuyu Sato. Ritsuka had started losing his passion for music in his everyday life, but then he hears Mafuyu sing for the first time. The song resonates with his heart and the distance between them starts to change.
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