Shiny Koffing's Gas Emission Glitch Went Unnoticed By Niantic For Months In POKÉMON GO

Shiny Koffing's Gas Emission Glitch Went Unnoticed By Niantic For Months In POKÉMON GO

A recent revelation has been made that one of the stars of Team Rocket - Koffing himself - has been overlooked for some time in Niantic's Pokémon Go. Read on for the details of the updated shiny sprite!

No different than the once popular holographic cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the shiny variants offer fans of the Pokémon franchise something more to do and add to their collection while giving trainers another competitive angle an furthering the replay value of the games.

This includes the popular mobile game Pokémon Go, which utilizes the popularity of shiny creatures as one of its many tools to keep trainers logging into the game - regardless how frightful the weather outside is.

Recently the game held a Team GO Rocket Event during which time the spawn rates for Pokémon used by team members like Giovanni, Jesse, and James were increased, and such shiny versions of creatures like Koffing and Ekans were introduced.

It seems that even though Koffing was finally getting some attention, however, that Niantic mistakenly let a glitched sprite slip under their radar for Shiny Koffing. Thanks to a Reddit post on The Silph Road, it can now be seen that Koffing's Gas Emission was glitched until the recent update from Niantic. See the difference for yourself below!

Shiny Koffing’s Gas Emission has finally been fixed. from r/TheSilphRoad

It is likely that Niantic didn't notice because most fans likely expected the two-toned gas to be purposeful for the Gas Emission. Which do you think looks better?

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Pokémon Go is currently available on iOS and Android.
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