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JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE: STONE OCEAN Sees Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Cosplay Jolyne Cujoh
The latest anime hit according to hit artist Megan The Stallion is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean if her recent cosplay photoshoot is any indication of her taste in television.
Mar 12, 2024 01:03 AM
MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED FREEDOM Anime Film Receives Release Date For U.S. Premieres In LA And New York
Mecha lovers rejoice as a new anime film title from the world of Mobile Suit Gundam has U.S. premieres on the horizon in multiple states, boasting both East and West-coast screenings.
Mar 06, 2024 10:03 PM
INUYASHA: Kagome Named Thee Hot Girl Of Anime By Crunchyroll Awards Host Megan Thee Stallion
The popular Shonen series InuYasha has been reinvigorated in fans' minds today as award-winning musical artist Megan Thee Stallion shines the light on "thee hot girl of anime" Kagome.
Mar 06, 2024 08:03 PM
JELLYFISH CAN'T SWIM IN THE NIGHT Releases A Look At A Key Visual And In-Story Piano Performer
A new visual for the anime series Jellyfish Can't Swim in the Night has been revealed for audiences to build excitement in the future alongside the announcement of a pop Youtuber's involvement.
Mar 06, 2024 07:03 PM
RWBY; GEN:LOCK Up For Grabs As Warner Bros Discovery Shuts Down Production Company Rooster Teeth
The future of two hit anime series is unclear after the announcement from Warner Bros Discovery that the production company Rooster Teeth is officially out of business.
Mar 06, 2024 05:03 PM
DETECTIVE CONAN Joins The Anime-Inspired Card Battlers In Under Two Months
Following suit in the footsteps of countless anime series before it, the ever-popular Detective Conan is set to receive its very own card game.
Mar 05, 2024 07:03 PM
YU-GI-OH Fans Rejoice As New Anime-Inspired Beanie Puts Fans In The Main Character's Shoes With Signature Hair
Super-fans can get ready to duel in style with a new beanie inspired by the titular Yu-Gi-Oh card battler's unique and recognizable hairstyle.
Mar 05, 2024 05:03 PM
JUJUTSU KAISEN, DEMON SLAYER, & More Win Big At Tokyo's 8th Annual Crunchyroll Anime Awards
Many popular anime series took home wins from this year's Crunchyroll Anime Awards with Jujutsu Kaisen sweeping the competition and claiming double digits in the awards categories.
Mar 05, 2024 05:03 PM
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