AFTER SCHOOL BITCHCRAFT Volume 1 Review: Breaking Down Yu Shimizu's New Manga From Yen Press

AFTER SCHOOL BITCHCRAFT Volume 1 <font color=red>Review:</font> Breaking Down Yu Shimizu's New Manga From Yen Press

In March a new manga was released by Yen Press from Yu Shimizu and Kazuma Ichihara called After School Bitchcraft. Yen has shared a review copy with us so we can share our thoughts with you. Check it out!

COVID-19 has been a tough time on everyone -- businesses included. With the restrictions on public access due to the virus, production of most media such as television, movies, anime, and games has halted, with many release dates being delayed -- some indefinitely.

In order to provide you with content that isn't about yet another schedule change on account of the virus, we have been bringing you reviews of manga that has already been released. To keep fans happy, Yen Press has shared many of their manga titles with us so that we can share our reviews of them with you guys. This way, when looking for a book to read when stuck at home you can narrow down your choices.

Today we're digging into a manga that was released in March of this year. After School Bitchcraft features a fantastic story by Yu Shimizu and brilliant art from Kazuma Ichihara. The two create a world that readers will become immersed in mere pages into the first volume.

The plot of After School Bitchcraft revolves around a preppy high school girl who struggles in Chemistry class. Looking to her professor for help, she instead walks in on him, accidentally breaking his seal and discovering that he is a sorceror.

Renji, the sorceror, was initially put off by Ririka's arrival and ultimately wound up driving her away. Upon her return, however, while reluctantly attempting to help her, he discovers the reason she was able to break his barrier in the first place -- she has special latent magic inside of her.

Suddenly realizing her value, Renji takes on young Ririka as his apprentice, quickly turning her attention away from her grades and towards magic instead. Soon Ririka's world is flipped upside down as she transitions from her high scool world to the enchanted one that Renji provides for her.

When initially reading the premise of the book I wasn't sure if I would appreciate it or not, but once I gave it a chance I was dragged into the story right away, causing me to read through the book twice in a row. Creatures like an amorphous blob and a hungry humunculus are amongst the fantasy elements included in Ririka's journey, not to mention the familiar she gets.

Considering her a natural Druid, Renji does his best to protect her and the mana she contains during their increasingly perilous adventures. Additions such as these as the story advances keeps After School Bitchraft fresh throughout the chapters, continually introducing new elements to the already interesting premise.

After School Bitchcraft is a thrilling manga title that will make the perfect gift for readers that enjoy magical stories. Fans of Doctor Strange, Harry Potter, and other famous sorceror stories who don't normally read manga will find this to be an excellent doorway to the medium. With a strong start, this series isn't likely to fizzle out any time soon. - Five out of five.


Ririka Kirise's a style-savvy high school girl who's struggling to keep up in her chemistry class. Looking for some extra help, she opens the door to her teacher's office-breaking his magic barrier in the process!

Unbeknownst to Ririka, Renji is actually a sorcerer...and Ririka has the makings of a sorceress herself. Before she knows it, she's wrapped up in the world of witchcraft as Renji's apprentice-and getting into some sticky situations...

After School Bitchcraft is available now and can be purchased here for $13.00.
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