ARAKURE KNIGHT: REMEMBER TOMORROW Continues With New Manga This August

ARAKURE KNIGHT: REMEMBER TOMORROW Continues With New Manga This August

Following the conclusion of the most recent installment to the franchise Arakurae Knight: Remember Tomorrow is getting a new sequel manga next month! Hit the jump to learn more!

Since the mid-90s, writer Satoshi Yoshida has been writing stories for the hit manga franchise Arakure Knight. With three sequels completed, Yoshida has been hard at work on his most recent series, Arakure Knight: Remember Tomorrow

The series launched in 2018in the pages of Akita Shoten's Young Champion magazine. Continuing the story of Harumi Yuki and his efforts to be apart of a motorcycle gang, the series ran for two years before recently publishing its final chapter.

With the most recent series concluded, there had not been any indication of if the book would continue. Well, according to a recent issue of Young Champion, Yoshida will indeed be continuing the narrative with a new manga title. Arakure Knight: Remember Tomorrow - Ghost Note will act as a direct sequel to the series and be considered the fight installment in the overall franchise. 

With an August release set, that doesn't leave a lot of time to get caught up with the series! Make sure to share your thoughts on the news in the usual spot!


Yoshida's Arakure Knight manga franchise centers around delinquent Haruma Yūki, who seeks to join the motorcycle gang Linda. The manga shows Haruma's efforts to join the gang, while also following the activities of Linda and its leader Zenba as they clash with rival motorcycle gangs.

Arakure Knight: Remember Tomorrow - Ghost Note will hit shelves on August 11th!
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