EARTH INVADING GIRL ASUKA: The Science Fiction Manga Announces Its Conclusion

EARTH INVADING GIRL ASUKA: The Science Fiction Manga Announces Its Conclusion

Being an alien in disguise isn't easy, and Earth Invading Girl Asuka shows that in the best way possible. Recently, an announcement came that the book has ended, so hit the jump for more info!

In 2018, mangaka Shinepi Ito launched the series, Earth Invading Girl Asuka. The series began publishing in the pages of Futabasha's Monthly Action magazine and, as of now, has published two volumes. 

Telling the story of an alien disguised as a high school girl, the main character completely forgets her mission and begins to live life as a teenager. However, she does occasionally fight off alien threats as something of a superhero.

Upon release, the series has been an overwhelming hit and, with its lighthearted art style and dynamic look, manages to entice readers to keep reading. Sadly, even the most fun stories have to end sometime as the magazine has announced that the series has concluded. 

While there are no plans for spin-offs or sequels, the final compiled volume will be coming later this year. Make sure to share your thoughts on the news in the comments below!


The manga centers on Asuka Makino, a normal high school girl on the outside, but really an alien in disguise with plans of invasion. However, she has forgotten her original mission in the enjoyment of her fulfilling high school life with friends. When another invading creature with plans to do harm to Earth arrives, she dons the secret identity of the "Flying God of Destruction."

The third and final volume of Earth Invading Girl Asuka will ship on September 12th!
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