KANAWA NO KAGE RUI: A New Manga Series has Released With The Gundam: Thunderbolt Creator Supervising

KANAWA NO KAGE RUI: A New Manga Series has Released With The Gundam: Thunderbolt Creator Supervising

A new and exciting manga series is coming from Shunji Etō and Natsumi Inoue and supervised by Yasuo Ohtagaki called Kanawa no Kage Rui. Hit the jump to learn more about the intriguing new series!

This past week, a new and unique manga series was released titled Kanawa no Kage Rui. The series was created by writer Shunji Etō and artist Natsumi Inoue, and published on the eBookJapan website, where it will continue to publish chapters for the foreseeable future. 

The new series is a period piece that is set in a divided Japan. The story follows two individuals from opposing sides that go on a quest to hunt a demon. On their adventure, the reader learns that one of the men also has a desire to get revenge, which motivates his decision to accompany the enemy.

The manga is the first in a five-part novel and manga series that is supervised by Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt creator Yasuo Ohtagaki and Anima (Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV). As of right now, the second part of this project has been temporarily titled Iron Castle and has Ohtagaki working on designs for the Shōtarō Teshirogi writer book. The second part has also been confirmed to publish on Shogakukan's Gagaga Bunko magazine. 

With the new project starting and the first part officially released, now is a great time to dive into this original story! Make sure to share your thoughts on the new project in the comments! 


In the manga's story, Japan has yet to become one unified country. A sudden cease-fire prevails in the fighting between the Yamato Imperial Court and the native Emishi people over Japan's northeastern Tohoku region. An Imperial Court envoy visits Aterui, the chief of a great Emishi tribe. The envoy who calls himself Sanekage proclaims, "Let's go on a journey to hunt a demon together."

A demon created by a shōmoji entertainer in the Imperial Court had suddenly started attacking people indiscriminately. Aterui had no reason to lend a hand to his careless enemies, but he decides to embark on this journey due to Sanekage's offer related to revenge for Aterui's wife.

Kanawa no Kage Rui is out now and will release new chapters every other week!
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