WEATHERING WITH YOU: Manga Adaption Announces Conclusion For Next Month

WEATHERING WITH YOU: Manga Adaption Announces Conclusion For Next Month

Based on the highly successful animated film, Wataru Kubota's manga adaption of Weathering With You will be reaching its conclusion later this summer. Hit the jump for more information!

Weathering With You was an animated film that was created by Makoto Shinkai and released in theaters last year. In the movie, a lonely young boy meets a free-spirited young girl with the ability to control the weather. From there, a relationship begins to grow. 

The film was a major success in Japan, being one of the top films for its opening weekend and also getting a worldwide and home video release in the west. Following the massive success theatrically, the film also had its own manga adaptions that was written by Wataru Kubota

With the same name as the film, Weathering With You began publishing in Kodansha's Afternoon magazine, in 2019, and has released two compiled volumes, so far. A recent announcement has come from the magazine, however, that the series will be reaching its climax this August. 

While there is no word on what will come next for the creator, fans will look on with eager eyes at whatever is coming down the pipeline. Make sure to share your thoughts on the news in the comments below!

The summer of freshman year of high school. A boy named Hodaka runs away from his island home and goes to Tokyo, where he spends every day in loneness. Then, in a corner of the bustling city he meets a girl named Hina. But he soon finds out that she possesses a mysterious power

The Weathering With You manga will conclude in Kodansha's Afternoon magazine this August, while the final volume will ship in October.
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