WORLD TRIGGER: Manga Announces A 1-Month Hiatus Due To Creator's Health

WORLD TRIGGER: Manga Announces A 1-Month Hiatus Due To Creator's Health

The manga World Trigger has been on a multitude of hiatus, since its creation, due to its creatures ailing health. Sadly, it looks like another hiatus is on the way. Hit the jump for more info.

In 2013, Daisuke Ahshihara launched the science fiction, action series, World Trigger. The series was published in the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump and told a story that centered around themes of acceptance, friendship, and being open-minded.  

The manga series was an instant hit upon release, even having an anime series adapt the story! The anime premiered back in 2014, while its second season aired a year later. There is also confirmation that a third season is on its way, airing on TV Asahi. 

While the franchise has been a definite success, that has not helped in the overall publication of the manga. Sadly, the series' creator has been dealing with health issues since 2014, and this has forced the manga to have an off and on again schedule. The longest hiatus lasted from 2016 to 2018. 

Sadly, it appears that another hiatus is on the horizon, due to Ashihara's health. According to the creator's Twitter, the book will be taking a 1-month break due to Ashihara's poor physical health. While the news can be disappointing, it is important to wish Ashihara a speedy recovery! Make sure to share your thoughts on the matter in the usual spot! 

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World Trigger will return in one month!
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