MR. LOVE: QUEEN'S CHOICE New Promo Revealed For The Upcoming Romance Anime

MR. LOVE: QUEEN'S CHOICE New Promo Revealed For The Upcoming Romance Anime

A brand new promo has begun to stream for the smartphone game, turned romance series, Mr. Love: Queen's Choice. Hit the jump to check out all of the new footage for the super-powered anime!

In 2017, Papergames launched the smartphone game, Mr.Love: Queen's Choice. The game has been described as a "super-powered dating simulator," in which the main character must choose between for bachelors. 

The story of the game revolves around a young woman who finds herself taking the reigns of her father's television empire. Things begin to get more complicated as she ends up meeting four potential boyfriends who are tied to a corporate conspiracy that involves superpowers. 

The game was a massive success once it hit app stores, gathering over 90 million downloads. From the success of the series came the eventual announcement of an anime that would adapt the story. 

The anime, Mr. Love: Queen's Choice, is directed by One Piece director Munehisa Sakai and will be distributed by MAPPA. For now, the anime is gearing up for a July release; and to get fans excited for the premiere, the series' official website has released a brand new promo for the series. 

With the premiere getting closer, now is the best time to start learning more about the series or even playing the mobile game. Make sure to check out the trailer, and don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments! 

In the anime's story, the heroine inherited a company from her late father and is now in charge of a television program as its producer. However, the company is on the brink of bankruptcy due to the lack of capital. While trying to save her father's once popular program and company, she meets four potential "boyfriends." However, before she knows it, she is caught in a huge conspiracy over special powers known as "Evol."

Mr. Love: Queen's Choice is set to premiere, in Japan, on July 15th and stream as it airs on Crunchyroll!
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