Emily Blunt Reveals The EDGE OF TOMORROW Sequel Was Delayed So That She Could Film MARY POPPINS

Emily Blunt Reveals The EDGE OF TOMORROW Sequel Was Delayed So That She Could Film MARY POPPINS

Director Doug Liman has been hyping a sequel to the Tom Crusie-led Edge of Tomorrow for the last couple of years but there finally appears to be some tangible traction happening with the project.

Edge of Tomorrow, a 2014 sci-fi spectacle that had middling box office returns, gained a second life thanks to the home video and rental market. As such, WB decided to move forward with the sequel to the Western adaptation of author Hiroshi Sakurazaka and illustrator Yoshitoshi ABe's All You Need Is Kill light novel.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, Emily Blunt reveals that she might actually be the cause for the delay.

"It’s a lot for all the stars to align for everyone to be free at the same time and available to do it at the same time.  They asked me to do [it] two months before I started Mary Poppins. Tom was like, ‘Can you go this autumn?’ and I was like, ‘No, I can’t go, I’m playing Mary Poppins for like a year, dude! I can’t do Edge of Tomorrow.

Doug Liman has got an awesome idea and he’s excited and they just need to write it. There has been a script, but now I gather there’s another one in the works.

Liman previously revealed that the sequel will tentatively be titled Live, Die, Repeat and Repeat (the film was inexplicably retitled Live, Die, Repeat on home video).  He also stated in January that scheduling issues had finally been worked out and that production would begin soon.

About Edge of Tomorrow
Edge of Tomorrow is a 2014 American sci-fi military film based on the 2004 light novel from Hiroshi Sakurazaka and Yoshitoshi ABe.  A manga adaptation, written by Ryƍsuke Takeuchi and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, was published in Weekly Shonen Jump from January to May 2014.  An English language translation was published by Viz Media in North America in May 2014.

The film follows Major William Cage and a legendary Special Forces Officer who form an unlikely partnership to stop invading aliens called Mimics, who inexplicably predict every move the Earth's United Defense Force makes.  Through chance, Cage gains the ability to travel back in time, each time he dies.  Through this ability Cage tests several methods and strategies to defeat the Mimics once and for all.
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