Original Green Ranger Actor Jason David Frank Posts A Video Detailing His POWER RANGERS Cameo

Original Green Ranger Actor Jason David Frank Posts A Video Detailing His POWER RANGERS Cameo

It seems the cameo by original Power Rangers actors Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank in Lionsgate's live-action Power Rangers reboot was a last minute addition to the film as it was all green-screen.

Towards the end of Lionsgte's Power Rangers reboot, the original Pink Ranger- Amy Jo Johnson and Green Ranger- Jason David Frank made cameos as random residents of Angel Grove. It's not the cameo most fans wanted as there was a popular theory that a few of the original Rangers would be features as part of the original Ranger team that was led by Bryan Cranston's Zordon.  Still, it was nice to see the film acknowledge the original TV series rather than completely ignore it.

In the video blog below, you spend the entire day with JDF from when he first wakes up in his hotel to his arrival on set and his green-screen cameo.  The video is actually the last entry in a three-part video series which details his movie cameo.

Saban's Power Rangers follows five ordinary high school kids who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove – and the world – is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover that they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so they will have to overcome their real-life issues and band together as the Power Rangers before it is too late.

RELEASE DATE: March 24, 2017
DIRECTOR: Dean Israelite
WRITER(s): John Gatins, Kieran Mulroney, Michele Mulroney, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless
CAST: Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, Ludi Lin, Bill Hader, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks
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