COMBATANTS WILL BE DISPATCHED VOLUME 2 Review: Battling Gil The Mighty And Rista The Clever

COMBATANTS WILL BE DISPATCHED VOLUME 2 <font color=red>Review:</font> Battling Gil The Mighty And Rista The Clever

We recently shared our glowing review of Combatants Will Be Dispatched Volume 1 from Yen Press. Now, thanks to a review copy from the publisher we are here to continue our review with Volume 2. Read on!

If you managed to catch our review of Combatants Will Be Dispatched Volume 1 yesterday then you're already aware of how fond we are of the manga. Thanks to Yen Press providing us with a review copy of the second volume in addition to the first, we are able to continue our journey with Agent Six and friends and share our thoughts with you.

Natsumi Akatsuki (Konosuba) makes it clear early on in Volume 2 of Combatants Will Be Dispatched that the tone and charm of the first book is carried on in chapter six. Before even reaching the opening title page, readers are reminded that the hero of this story is actually evil.

The main character, Agent Six, is not only infiltrating a kingdom for an evil corporation, but he is also required to acquire evil points through out his journey. Evil points are exactly what they sound like and can be earned from a multitude of things including perversion as is evidenced in the opening pages of Volume 2.

While the first volume was excellent, there was time spent introducing the characters of Agent Six, Snow, Rose, Grimm, and Alice and the general plot of the story. Meanwhile the second volume is able to jump right into the action and provide more of the most exciting parts of the book series -- the battles.

Six and crew are faced with the daunting obstacle of taking the Tower of Duster which requires them to climb up the side of a giant, monster-infested tower. Along the way they not only meet the villainous Heine of the Flames once more, but the heroes are also introduced to two new enemies.

Brothers that resemble minotaurs, the new villains are named Rista the Clever and Gil the Mighty. Though they may be evil monsters, the two share an affection for one another, something that the evil Agent Six takes advantage of during the fight.

All in all the second volume takes everything I loved about the first book and includes even more role playing adventure and fantasy elements that made the first book so addictive. The characters that accompany Agent Six continue to grow on you, but my favorite is likely the Battle Chimera, Rose. She makes things particularly interesting as she can learn new moves by defeating monsters and eating them, and she even has multiple monster body parts such as a tail, a horn, and a wing.

The second volume of Combatants Will Be Dispatched is a manga title worth the time of any role playing game fans, containing all of the best elements from the first adventure. Those who enjoy reading about Konosuba's Kazuma and friends and are looking for another way to scratch that itch can find their solution in this fantastic series from the same writer. Recommended for anyone looking for a new addiction. - Five out of five.


The evil Kisaragi Corporation spy, Agent Six, has successfully integrated into one of the Kingdom of Grace's commando units! While his approach to heroics is... unconventional, his combination of modern weaponry, outside-the-box thinking, and ruthlessness has made his squad of misfits into one of the kingdom's greatest assets in the fight against the Demon Lord.

This time, it's up to him, Alice, Snow, Rose, and Grimm to capture the impregnable Tower of Duster and face off against Heine of the Flames once more in an all out battle...

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Volume 2 can be purchased here.
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