Winner Announced For "Manga People Want To See Made Into An Anime"

The results are in and AnimeJapan has just announced the winner of the Manga We Want To See Animated Ranking poll that had over 92 nominees!

Over 92 manga titles were nominated in this years AnimeJapan's "Manga we want to see Animated Ranking", and the official top 10 list has been released! Nominees were voted for, and the winners were announced and we have listed them below with a short summary for each. Check them out!

10. Ninja vs. Gokudo by Shinsuke Kondo (COMIC DAYS)

Shinoha is a boy (ninja) who can't laugh due to trauma, and Kiwami is officially an elite company employee but controls a yakuza group underground. When Shinoha and Kiwami meet, the deadly battle between the ninja and the yakuza that has continued for 300 years heats up! The passionate and sad clash between these two lonely guys will decide which will survive, the ninja or the yakuza!!

9. Falling high school girl and Irresponsible teacher by sora (HANA TO YUME)

“How about we have a romantic relationship before you die?” says the scum teacher. The ultimate misattribution of arousal effect love story! Mikoto, a high school girl is rejected by her crush. She thinks of suicide, but is interrupted by a physics teacher, Jin Haiba (aka Haijin). Feeling confused as the teacher tells her, “How about we have a romantic relationship before you die?” this is a dangerous love story between Mikoto and the teacher who casually approaches her and visits her house!


A "bank" is a place where the country’s most money-obsessed people gather. Then, someone who saw massive amounts of money managed there discovers that “banks could be the best place for gambling.” Unprecedented gambling battles start in the basement of a bank!

7. Who Made Me a Princess written by Plutus and illustrations by Spoon (KADOKAWA)

Reincarnated as Princess Athanasia, a side character of online fiction, but inside the novel... Her fate is to be killed by her father, Emperor Claude on her 18th birthday. A single misstep could result in death!? A side character princess life in hard mode starts…

6. Be my worst nightmare! by Michelle (MANGA Mee)

Sayo Hoshikawa is a high school boy who is insecure about his short height. One day, he witnesses the girl he likes getting rejected by the tall and handsome, Mashiba. He challenges Mashiba to various matches but fails all miserably…! Mashiba calls him "cute" to only make him even more irritated! Soon, Sayo starts having strange dreams where he is being held by someone and the content of his dreams just gets worse…!?


Oriko Fujidou is a well-off girl from a family who runs a financial conglomerate and has been doing a splendid job developing a "town" she received as a present when she was 4. But one day, a giant enemy from space invades the town! Then, her butler Sebastian gives her a drink that will turn her into a giant…!?!? Humongous! A hyper story! Not too erotic!! Packed with action putting safety first, this is a comedy manga of “just a rich girl turning into a giant!!”

4. A Hidden Side to my Crush by shimamura (comico)

Tomoya is a college freshman on a mission to finally get his first ever girlfriend, but with one small problem: he's still a virgin! While he's gotten close with the beautiful and charming girl Waka Sakuraba in his club at school, he can't wrack up the courage to take the first step and ask her out. One day, Tomoya stumbles upon a hidden side to his crush Waka... Pure romantic comedy manga of unlucky college students who want to be a lovey-dovey couple♡!

3. Nito to Tazuka no Nichijo by Satoutoshio (LINE Manga)

For Nito, Tazuka was his childhood friend and best friend. But suddenly, Tazuka confesses his love to him!? The best love story between a couple who are childhood friends, the pure and innocent initiator, and the cute and unaware boy!

2. The ramparts of ice by Kocha Agasawa (MANGA Mee)

Koyuki Hikawa is unsociable and creates a barrier between her and other people. She had always been alone at high school until she meets Minato Amamiya who shortens the distance between him and her. Meet four teens, the loner Koyuki, the popular girl Miki, the sociable boy Minato, and the laid-back and kind basketball club player Yota. This is a story about teens with their little complicated relationships!

1. Hyperinflation by Kyu Sumiyoshi (JUMP+)

Luke, a young boy lost his parents in an imperial slave hunt. In the next slave hunt, his dearest older sister is about to be put up at auction!! In the depths of despair, Luke obtains the ability to generate money from his body!! Luke decides to participate in the auction. Does he successfully win the bid for his sister!? However, this power has a fatal flaw……!? As money, life, anger, violence, and desires "accelerate (≒ inflate)", this story creates hyperinflation!!

Hyperinflation joins the Hall of Fame alongside other the other manga series that have reached the number one slot in previous Manga We Want To See Animated Rankings, including the now-animated Komi Can't Communicate, soon-to-be-animated The Apothecary Diaries and other series such as Im: Great Priest Imhotep and Senpai is an Otokonoko.

During AnimeJapan 2023 this weekend at Tokyo Big Sight on March 25 and 26, drawings from the top-ranked manga will be on display along with remarks from the creators.

Let us know in the comments below which of the listed manga titles you think should be made into an anime series!

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