PACIFIC RIM:UPRISING Releases A New Japan-Exclusive Poster

PACIFIC RIM:UPRISING Releases A New Japan-Exclusive Poster

Looks like the city of Tokyo has its work cut out for it once again in this new, Japan-only, Pacific Rim: Uprising poster which showcases the main Gypsy Danger-inspired jaeger.

With Pacific Rim: Uprising charging into theaters later this month, Japan received an exclusive poster to the film in celebration of its Kaiju fighting roots!

The poster below features John Boyega's Jaeger and the main fighting bot, Gypsy Avenger. In the poster, the Jaeger is kneeling over a ruined Tokyo with various battle damaged limbs and pieces. Things are definitely not looking too well for the mecha.

The most amazing thing about this photo is not only the respect shown to Japan's past with Kaiju film but the fact that the lighting reflecting off the Jaeger and Tokyo Tower in the background, really show the scale and intensity that the film will hold.

What do you think of the poster? Are you excited? Let's here below and make sure to catch Pacific Rim: Uprising in theaters in the U.S. on March 23 and April 13th in Japan!

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