RUMBLE GARANNDOLL: New Video Previews Shark1, Rabbit2 & More Mechas In Next Week's New Sci-Fi Anime Series

There's less than a week left until the new science fiction anime series Rumble Garanndoll premieres on Funimation and a brand new promo video shows us what to expect from some of the mechas in the show!

Mecha-centric anime is nothing new, though more and more titles join the subgenre on a daily basis. For years sci-fi fans have turned to titles like Gundam Wing, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Gurren Lagann to get their fix but are no longer contained to such few options.

One example of a new mecha-based anime is Rumble Garanndoll, a science fiction anime that is set to premiere in less than a week on Funimation. The title explores a parallel world filled with chemical weapons called "Genmu" and giant mechas called "Garan."

A new promotional video has launched in the days leading up to Rumble Garanndoll's release and in it viewers get a look at just a few of the mechas that will be present in the show, such as Shark1, Rabbit2, and Cat3. Watch the full video for yourself below alongside the synopsis and be sure to share your thoughts in the usual spot!

Japan is about to change its era in 2019. A rift in another dimension suddenly appears in the sky, unveiling “Shinkoku Nippon,” a reverse parallel world. In this parallel world, the militarism of the past has been maintained, and the Reiwa era continues.

With its “Genmu” chemical weaponry and enormous humanoid “Garan” weapons, Shinkoku Nippon invades modern Japan. They plan to instantly seize the government and effectively conquer the country. The era of “harmony” never came to us.

Ten years later, Japan has been reborn as “Genkoku Nippon,” a vassal state of the “Shinkoku Nippon.” In the midst of strict censorship, the once-thriving subculture of manga, anime, idols, etc. has completely died out. The subculture of manga, anime, idols, etc. that once flourished has completely died out… or so it seemed.

Rumble Garanndoll begins streaming on Funimation on October 11th.

RUMBLE GARANNDOLL English Dub Cast And Crew Revealed

RUMBLE GARANNDOLL English Dub Cast And Crew Revealed

RUMBLE GARANNDOLL Anime Gets Premiere Date, Poster, And Trailer
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RUMBLE GARANNDOLL Anime Gets Premiere Date, Poster, And Trailer

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