PRINCESS CONNECT! RE:DIVE Announces Three New Characters Returning From The Mobile Game

PRINCESS CONNECT! RE:DIVE Announces Three New Characters Returning From The Mobile Game

Based on the smartphone game, the anime adaption, Princess Connect! Re:Dive has announced three new characters. Hit the jump to check out who, from the games, will be joining the anime cast!

In 2018, Cygames launched the smartphone RPG game Princess Connect!, the game acted as a real-time strategy game where players could command a party of five as they travel and battle enemies in the main story and PVP. 

After the success of the smartphone game, it was not long before an anime series was eventually greenlit. Princess Connect! Re:Dive is an isekai adaption where a young man awakens in a fantasy world with no memories. From this point, he meets various young women who help him survive and uncover the countless mysteries that the land has to offer. 

The series premiered on April 6th and KONOSUBA director, Takaomi Kanasaki, has been tasked with handling the series over at Cygames pictures. As the series continued to air, it became clear that the company had at least one more surprise ahead of its finale. 

Recently, Cygames revealed that there would be three voice actors, from the smartphone game, that will be returning to their roles for the final episode. The actors include Ayako KawasumiMinori Chihara, and Asami Shimoda, who will voice Jun Shirogane, Tomo Mikuma, and Matsuri Orihara, respectively.

With the new character revealed, the finale is shaping up to be a fantastic episode! Make sure to share your thoughts on the latest casting announcements in the usual spot! 

In the story of the "anime RPG," the protagonist wakes up with no memories in an unfamiliar location. The protagonist then meets girls and comes closer to uncovering a hidden mystery.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive is airing now!
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