Makoto Shinkai's Upcoming Anime Film SUZUME Gets New Trailer And Reveals Japanese Voice Talent

Suzume has a brand-new trailer that includes some of Suzume's encounters as she journey's across Japan and the A-list Japanese voice cast has been revealed!

Suzume's latest trailer highlights various encounters along Suzume's trek across Japan, as well as some action-packed scenes.

Along with the new trailer (included below), Suzume, Makoto Shinkai's latest film, also revealed the characters of the upcoming anime film and the Japanese talent that will be lending their voices to them!

In addition to Nanoka Hara playing the role of Suzume Iwato and Hokuto Matsumura playing the role of Souta Munakata, leading Japanese actress Eri Fukatsu will play the role of Suzume's aunt, Tamaki Iwato. Tamaki Iwato lives with Suzume as her guardian and works as a manager at a fishing company. Eri Fukatsu will join Nanoka Hara and Hokuto Matsumura in the In recognition of her work in the film Villain (Akunin, 2010), Eri Fukatsu was awarded the prize for Best Actress at the Montreal World Film Festival as well as the Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. Most recently, she starred in the television drama "Come Come Everybody." Eri Fukatsu is known for her performance in Villain (Akunin, 2010).

Kabuki actor Hakuo Matsumoto, who will play Souta's grandfather and Master Closer Hitsujiro Munakata, will be appearing alongside her in the role. Master Closer Hitsujiro Munakata is stern and cold, but he cares deeply for Souta. The stage play adaptation of "Man of La Mancha," which launched his career on the stage for over 50 years, is the most notable part of Hakuo's decorated career in other fields, including stage plays and TV dramas. Hakuo has had a successful career in other disciplines, including stage plays and TV dramas.

Eri stated, "In spite of my lack of experience, Director Shinkai and the rest of the crew poured everything into this project, which will be reflected in the emotion delivered straight into the hearts of audiences around the world." Hakuo further stated, "It was my first time playing a character in an anime film, and Director Shinkai did a wonderful job of guiding me through to the best performances." Because he was so pleasant to work with and managed to keep a cheerful attitude throughout the production, I am extremely grateful to him.

Shota Sometani will lend his voice to the character of Minoru Okabe, a fellow fisherman who works with Tamaki. Suzume meets Rumi Ninomiya in Kobe. She is a bar hostess and a single mother to two children. Sairi Ito will provide the voice for Rumi Ninomiya. Kotone Hanase will provide the voice for Chika Amabe, the vivacious and outgoing high school girl that Suzume meets in Aichi. In addition, Kana Hanazawa will provide the voice for Suzume's mother, Tsubame Iwato.

Make sure and check out the full voice cast and character list below!

In this latest trailer, Souta asks Suzume "Hey, do you know of a door in this area?". She then travels across Japan with Souta, who has been transformed into a chair as a result of an interaction with the talking cat that has been given the nickname "AristoCat." Together, they close doors that are causing natural disasters. Suzume's banter with the transformed Souta provides comic relief, while her meeting Chika and Rumi is heartwarming, and her determination as she must close the doors in Souta's stead contributes to this being one of Shinkai Makoto's masterpieces. All of these elements come together to make this one of Shinkai Makoto's best works. The iconic line "I'll see you later" spoken by Suzume is also included in the trailer.

Suzume Character Profiles:

    Suzume’s aunt who works at a local fishing company. She lives with Suzume as her guardian, but can be a little overprotective at times.
    He works at a local fishing company in the town where Suzume lives and is Tamaki’s coworker. He has a one-sided crush on Tamaki.
    A single-mother raising young twins and runs a bar in Kobe city. She picks up Suzume who was hitchhiking on the side of the street.
    The energetic high school girl Suzume encounters in Ehime Prefecture, who is the same age as Suzume. Her family runs a local inn.
    Suzume’s mother. She’s an amazing cook and craftsperson who can carve almost anything out of wood. She’s also Tamaki’s older sister.
    Souta’s grandfather. He is also Souta’s mentor and master when it comes to their profession of “Closing” doors. However, he is currently in a hospital in Tokyo.

About Suzume

The anime film Suzume follows 17-year-old Suzume as her jouney begins in a sleepy town in Kyushu where she meets a young man who tells her, "I'm looking for a door." What she discovers is a single weathered door standing upright in the midst of ruins as if it was shielded from whatever catastrophe struck. Suzume, who appears to be attracted to its power, reaches for the knob...

Doors start opening one after the other across the entirety of Japan, unleashing destruction upon anyone who is nearby. Souta is widely known as a "Closer" because of his job of traveling throughout Japan and locking doors shut.

However, as soon as the door is opened, the enigmatic white cat with the nick name "AristoCat" appears in front of them. "I love Suzume, but you [Souta] are in the way," it said, and as soon as it said those words, Souta transformed into Suzume's childhood chair, which she has treasured ever since she was a child.

In a state of panic, Suzume runs after Souta as the latter pursues the cat disguised as a chair with three legs. They will eventually embark on a journey together that will take them from Kyushu to Shikoku, Kansai, and finally Tokyo on their quest to shut doors.

During her travels, Suzume meets a number of people who assist her in the same way that she assists them. But when she finally reached the end of her journey, she was confronted with a particular reality that had been ignored for a very long time.



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