Vegeta Should Become King Of All Sayians On Planet Sadala

Vegeta Should Become King Of All Sayians On Planet Sadala

After everything Vegeta has been through, the writers of Dragon Ball Super need to give the character the big payoff he deserves by making him a King over his people.

As a huge fan of Dragon Ball Super, I’d love for Vegeta to separate himself from Goku once and for all. He’s a man with a lot of ambition who isn’t solely focused on fighting, and that makes Vegeta a much better character when compared to his Sayian counterpart.

He’s a born leader, that much is certain, which is why the writers should consider returning universe six to the series, then have Cabba introduce Vegeta to Planet Sadala. We all know Vegeta as a man of immense pride, but overall, he’s a Saiyan who loves his race and would do anything for them to strive again.

From a Prince to a King

If the writers really want to do something good for Vegeta, they should strip him of his reliance on Goku, return universe six to its former glory, then have the Prince of all Saiyans become the King of all Sayians.

Imagine Cabba bringing him to Sadala, and after the King heard what Vegeta has done, along with witnessing his power first-hand, why wouldn’t he want such a powerful warrior to rule?

Due to Vegeta's experience in the past with the destruction of his own planet and his people, I believe he would take serious consideration into becoming something he has always wanted, and that is to be a true ruler.

Bear in mind that Vegeta isn’t young anymore, but strangely enough, he still considers himself a Prince. Clearly, the ambition to rule is still there, and it won’t go away any time soon. He knows what it is like to suffer, he witnessed the death of his own people, and then was forced to live knowing he was too weak to do anything about it.

These experiences have morphed Vegeta into the man he is today, and that is why the writers should allow him to finally achieve the title of King Vegeta, ruler of Sadala.

Seriously, am I the only one who believes Vegeta would be a fine King who loves his people?

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