Kodnasha Magazine To End The ARIA Manga In Late-April

Kodnasha Magazine To End The ARIA Manga In Late-April

After almost a decade, Kondansha magazine has decided to end its series Aria, later this spring. The series and magazine has helped propel many creators and stories in the past. Hit the jump for details.

Kodansha magazine has recently announced that their manga series that has been running for eight years, Aria, will be ending later this spring on April 28th. Kodansha announced this in their May issue and will be ending the series in their next issue. 

Kodansha has been running since 2010 and has fostered many different creators in the genre including, naked ape (Magnolia), Kaori Yuki ( Demon Form Afar, Kakei no Alice) and Kairi Shimotsuki (Nightmare Express); to name a few. The magazine has also created a great many spinoff series for the media that have gone on to be hits in their own rights. Some of these series include The Seven Deadly Sins, Attack On Titan: No Regrets, multiple series from Project: K and Neo Parasyte f

With Aria ending, are you sad to see it conclude? Curious of what else Kodansha will have to offer in the future? Share your thoughts down in the comments! 

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