ATTACK ON TITAN FINAL SEASON PART 2 Opening Video Tops 'Most Viewed Anime Clip' For 2022

Attack on Titan and Chainsaw Man video clips dominate the top five "Most Viewed" list for anime in 2022 raking in a whopping 160+ million views!

AnalyzeLog Inc. has released its annual ranking of anime and film-related videos that were streamed on official entertainment YouTube channels this year through December 7th, 2022, using its YouTube analysis tool Digital Creators.

The research indicates that the non-credit opening movie for the TV anime Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 was the most popular anime clip in 2022. This movie features the opening theme "The Rumbling" performed by the four-member Japanese rock band SiM. Since January, the video has been seen more than 57 million times on YouTube alone.

The opening cinematic for the television anime Chainsaw Man is featured in the video that got in second place despite the fact that it was only uploaded to YouTube 10 weeks ago. The video features Kenshi Yonezu's "KICK BACK" as the opening theme, and has already been viewed more than 54 million times, a figure that continues to rise.

Below you can see the top five videos in terms of viewership.

Number 1. "Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2" Non-Credit Opening

Number 2. "Chainsaw Man" Non-Credit Opening

Number 3. "Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2" Non-Credit Ending

Number 4. "Chainsaw Man" Trailer

Number 5. "Chainsaw Man" Non-Credit movie For Third Episode

About Attack on Titan:
The anime series Attack on Titan, which debuted in September 2013,  is based on the popular Japanese manga of the same name. The events of the manga series, which were written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, take place in a world in which humanity lives contained within cities that are surrounded by three extremely large walls. They are protected from huge man-eating humanoids known as "Titans" by the walls that surround them. The protagonist of the story is Eren Yeager, who, after seeing the destruction of his hometown and the death of his mother, makes a solemn promise to eradicate the Titans from the world.

The fifth and final season of Attack on Titan was scheduled to premiere in Japan in December 2020, but it was cancelled on March 29 of this year (2022). WIT STUDIO was responsible for the animation of the first three seasons of the successful anime series, while MAPPA was responsible for the animation of the fourth and final season of the series.

About Chainsaw Man:
Chainsaw Man takes place in a world where people's fears turn into Devils. Devils are usually evil and dangerous, and their power grows with how much fear they cause. But humans can make deals with them to use their power, and there are people called Devil Hunters whose job it is to find and hire them. Devils come from Hell and live in a cycle between Earth and Hell. When they die in Hell, they move to Earth, and when they die on Earth, they move to Hell. Primal Fears, which are very powerful Devils that have never been killed, live in Hell. The Hell Devils seems to be in charge of how people move between the two planes.

A Fiend is a Devil that has taken over the body of a dead person and taken on some of their memories and personality, this may happen in certain situations. People say that devils who naturally look like humans are kind to humans.

The story takes place in 1997 in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union is still around and many important events, like the Holocaust, have been forgotten. There used to be nuclear weapons in this world, but they are no longer around because the Chainsaw Devil ate the Nuclear Weapons Devil. Also, there hasn't been a war since the World War because the War Devil has been weakened so much that the only reminders of war are in the media and pop culture.

New Gear Announced For ATTACK ON TITAN X FORTNITE Collab

New Gear Announced For ATTACK ON TITAN X FORTNITE Collab

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New Gear Announced For ATTACK ON TITAN X FORTNITE Collab
The Attack on Titan x Fortnite collab is heating up and releasing new gear and an Eren Jaeger outfit for players to unlock in the Battle Pass!
ATTACK ON TITAN: Exclusive Zeke Jaeger Funko POP! Releases
Attention fans of Attack on Titan's Zeke Jaeger! The fan-favorite character just received his own Funko POP! and its now available to purchase!
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