Josei anime is anime intended for women older than high school age. Josei means “women”. It is the next female demographic after shōjo. Much like shōnen and seinen there is a little overlap. Some anime fitting both demographics. Josei might share some traits with shôjo, but josei tends to be more realistic. The stories portrayed in Josei anime are usually more like real life than the stories found in shôjo. This is because the Josei audience is more mature, and want more mature anime. From: Wikipedia
MY SENPAI IS ANNOYING English Dub Released. Cast & Crew Announced.
My Senpai Is Annoying English dub has officially landed on Funimation! Episode 1 arrived on November 6th as a part of the Fall 2021 lineup.
LIFE LESSONS WITH URAMICHI-ONIISAN TV Anime Releases 2 Promos And Reveals July 5 Premiere Date
We're penciling in Studio Blanc's Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan (Uramichi Oniisan) TV anime as a dark horse for best new summer 2021 anime series based on these new teaser trailers.
MISAKI NO MAYOIGA: Here's The First Full Trailer From The David Production Anime Feature
The official website for Misaki no Mayoiga (The Abandoned House by the Cape) is now live, providing some interesting new footage from the Studio David Production anime film.
ETERNITY ~LATE NIGHT WET LOVE CHANNEL~  Late Night Josei TV Anime Announced For Fall 2020
Eternity ~Late Night Wet Love Channel~ (Eternity ~Shinya Nurekoi Channel~) is an upcoming Fall 2020 TV anime that will adapt 12 entries from the line of Eternity books that target older Japanese women.
AnimeJapan Releases Its Annual Poll Of 'Most Wanted Anime Adaptation'
Though AnimeJapan was canceled, the conventions organizers still managed to poll over 180,000 manga readers to determine the Top 10 Most Wanted Anime Adaptations. Continue on to check out the results.
Japanese Seinen Anime Enthusiasts Vote For Favorite Noitamina Anime
The late-night Noitamina (stylized noitaminA - "animation written backwards) anime programming block on Fuji TV is where most of the non shonen and shojo anime series air in Japan.
Anime Expo Says Convention Will Still Happen In July Despite COVID-19 Coronavirus Concerns
Organizers for Anime Expo 2020 say they're not planning to cancel the convention despite rising COVID-19 coronavirus fears and a number of other major international
The 14th Annual Seiyū Awards Have Been Canceled Due To The COVID-19 Coronavirus
After announcing that there would be no afterparty for the 14th annual Seiyu Awards, the ceremony itself has now been canceled over fears of spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus.
AnimeJapan 2020 Canceled Over Concerns Related To The COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease
One of the biggest anime conventions in Japan has just been canceled as the country continues to grapple with the rising pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease.
The /r/Anime Subreddit's Third Annual Anime Awards Announce Jury And Popular Vote Winners
The /r/Anime sub-Reddit thread boasts 1.3 million subscribers, making it one of the largest anime-devoted message boards in the world. So were their picks in line with the recent Crunchyroll Awards?

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