CAT ON THE HERO'S LAP Manga Series Set To Make Its North American Debut

Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have acquired the license to publish the Cat on the Hero's Lap manga series.

Last week, Seven Seas Entertainment announced they had acquired the licensing rights for the popular Japanese manga series Cat On The Hero's Lap. The original manga series Cat On The Hero's Lap was created by Kosuke Iijima and Shiori.

Will the hero of this funny epic adventure story be successful in his battle against the wicked Demon Lord, or will he be doomed to failure... because he can't fight while holding a cat on his lap?!


The objective of the heroic group led by Ledo and his comrades is to finish off the Demon Lord once and for all. Aina is a great fighter, dispatching foes with little more than her fists and feet; Grace, the wizard, makes use of immense magic to obliterate any foes that stand in their way. In the meantime, Ledo is confronted with an unanticipated obstacle in their mission: a large and fluffy cat has been drawn to him and is now following the party wherever they go. It also jumps onto Ledo's lap whenever it gets the chance, even when they are in the middle of a fierce battle.

It is well known that one cannot release a cat from their lap without violating their moral compass. Will Ledo be any better than the monsters he's trying to combat if he tries to stop this sweet kitty from making biscuits while it's happily producing them for itself and then pushes it away? A tale of cats and swords and sorcery for those who enjoy comedic storytelling.

Volume 1 of Cat on the Hero's Lap will be released for the first first time in North America in November 2023, with the series being made available in print as well as on digital platforms in single large-trim editions.

Seven Seas Entertainment is an award-winning publisher that was founded in 2004. In addition to producing original comics, graphic novels, and youth literature, Seven Seas Entertainment specializes in bringing the best of Japanese manga and light novels to English language audiences along with the hottest hand-picked books from around the world. Seven Seas Entertainment also publishes the best of Japanese light novels. Penguin Random House Publisher Services is responsible for the distribution of Seven Seas' book imprints in every region of the world.

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Japanese Publisher SHUEISHA Announces New Manga Reading Service JUMP TOON

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