SILVER SPOON: Series Author Gives Reason For The Series' Long Hiatus

SILVER SPOON: Series Author Gives Reason For The Series' Long Hiatus

Why has the series, Silver Spoon, been on such a long hiatus? Hit the jump to hear from the author, herself, why the series took so long for a new chapter.

Recently, news came out that the hit manga series, Silver Spoons, had returned from its incredbily long hiatus but with the announcement that the conclusion to the book would come in as little as four chapters . Author of the series, Hiromu Arakawa, recently explained herself, in the pages of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday, as to why the series was gone for so long.

"It has been a long time. I'm sorry..." she begins. "...The last time I wrote for this section was. December 2015?! ...and just like the last time it has become a season to take the lightsaber out of the closet.

Over the past few years, my husband and child have been suffering from a series of incurable diseases, so I have been tied up with high-cost medical care, papers, procedures and such. I realized again that the Japanese insurace system was amazing. And I thought I would go to blood donation.

With that news it is nothing but incredibly understandable that Arakawa was gone for such a long time. Happy to see the series return? Sad for its upcoming end? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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