ATTACK ON TITAN: LOST GIRL OAD Episode 2 Releases A New Preview

ATTACK ON TITAN: LOST GIRL OAD Episode 2 Releases A New Preview

Episode 2 of the original-animation-DVD (OAD) that recounts the origin story for Attack on Titans Mikasa and Annie just dropped a new trailer.

First reported on Anime Mojo last August, the OAD for Attack on Titan has already released one episode and is preparing to drop its second in a planned trilogy.  The first episode, Annie’s Story -  Part 1 was bundled with the 24th volume of the manga, which was released on December 8,  2017.

The second episode, which is titled Annie's Story - Part 2, will be bundled with the 25th volume of the manga, which hits retailer shelves on (April 8th in Japan) April 9, 2018.  You can check out a preview trailer for this episode below.  As with the first part, AOT fans will need to purchase a special limited-edition of the volume to receive the OAD.

The third and final episode will be packaged with the 26th volume of the manga and will be titled Mikasa's Story, and is slated to drop on August 9, 2018.

The OAD's are actually based on a pair of prequel light-novels from Nitroplus which was released in Japan back in 2014.  They would later be converted into a 2015 manga illustrated by Ryƍsuke Fuji.

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