MY HERO ACADEMIA'S Class 1-A Rankings Numbers 20-11

MY HERO ACADEMIA'S Class 1-A Rankings Numbers 20-11MY HERO ACADEMIA'S Class 1-A Rankings Numbers 20-11MY HERO ACADEMIA'S Class 1-A Rankings Numbers 20-11

My Hero Academia Class 1-A Rankings

Recently, Funimation released their top 5 hero moments from the My Hero Academia anime series and that got us thinking. What if we ranked our favorite characters from class 1-A. 

The list is purely our favorite characters, because we know what happens if the students go head-to-head. Though now that Deku can control his power that might change. 

#20 Yuga Aoyama 

What was going on when this character was created? Aoyama shoots beams from his belly button... not to mention he is the most awkard character in the series and not in a funny way.

The character himself doesn't really fit into class 1-A and he doesn't move the plot along. All in all, if Aoyama wasn't in the show. We wouldn't miss him.

#19 Hanta Sero

Besides being perfect for the U.S. postal service, this is a nother character that maybe isn't fit for class 1-A, but he is way more deserving that Aoyama. 

In the U.A. Sports Festival arc, Sero does get first hit on Todoroki, but is quickly frozen by one heck of an attack. Nice try UPS.

#18 Rikido Sato

Now we start to get into the good part of our rankings! First up is Rikido Sato, whom has tremendous power, but it comes from sugar. The more he eats the more power he gets, but it does come with a price. 

The more energy he exerts the greater his upcoming nap will get. All in all, this is a power we'd like to have. Pretty sure there are some children out there who would also like this power. Candy up kiddos!

#17 Mashirao Ojiro

Ojiro has a crazy strong tail with a fuzzy tip, but that doesn't make him a wuss by any means. Think of him like  a beast like character who relies on hand to hand combat to wear down his foes.

While his personality is mild mannored, you still don't want to mess with this dude. He withdrew from the Sports Festival, so we didn't get to really see him in action.

#16 Mezo Shoji

While some of us might not necesarilly Shoji's quirk, it is still a good one to have. Not only can the tips of his tentacles replicate other parts of his body, he also boasts some great strength as well.

In the Sports Festival arc, he contributed tremendously to his team by carrying them around. 

#15 Koji Koda

He scores higher than he probably should, because we see his quirk in action rarely and he doesn't really talk, but when we didn see him. . . it was pretty hilarious. 

During the end of term finals, Koda and Jiro faced up against Present Mic, whom tried to blast them with noise into submission. It was there we found out that not only could he talk, but he animals and bugs do his bidding for him. Present Mic wasn't too pleased when bugs overcame him.

#14 Toru Hagakure

Villains won't know what hit them! Hagakure's quirk 'Invisibility' is one that almost anyone would want, but would most likely use for the wrong purposes. 

We don't see her much (no pun intended), but she does add to the humorous side to My Hero Academia

#13 Kyoka Jiro

Just by poking Mineta's eye while he was trying to peak into the girls locker room landed Jiro at #13. She is a very tactical hero that uses her quirks in many different ways. 

Her quirk, earphone jack allows her to cause havoc on tech and that isn't all either. She can use the jacks as whips at long range that are pretty powerful. She can also plug into the boots on her costume, which allows her to channel her heartbeat into a powerful attack.

#12 Mina Ashido

Her quirk is Acid, which of course can be a devastating attack against anyone who opposes her. You see her in action a fews times in the show and she definitely knows what she is doing. 

In the sports arc festival, she easily  beats "Weird Al Belly Button" in the first round, but is later defeated by Fumikage. She's got the power, but at times feels inferior to other of her classmates.

#11 Tsuyu Asui

Better call her sue or else. This character says some pretty funny stuff throughout the show, but that isn't everything about her. She saves the up and coming heros of Class 1-A a few times during the first and second season. 

Her frog tongue is something that everyone would use if they had the quirk. . . but do you have to sound like her as well? We think its a fair trade off.
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